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At Crunch, our Perth marketing consultants focus on your overall marketing communication mix and provide solutions that will get you results. As part of our consulting process we provide you with realistic marketing strategies, plans and budgets tailored to your business. As your local consultancy agency we can also put your developed plans into action.


Crunching the Steps to Success

To create a tailored and outcome orientated marketing plan Crunch targets the basic principles of:

1. Analysing your existing marketing activities
2. Integrating the findings & developed strategies
3. Delivering measurable Results & refine campaigns.

This process is subject to an ongoing review ensuring that your business is achieving the target ROI.


How Viral Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Posted on: August 19th, 2017 by Crunch

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Viral marketing has nothing to do with computer viruses. It is how you can get the online community to share your message with other users exponentially — not just once, but again and again. Clever marketers know how to take viral marketing to the extreme and get gobs of attention just for creativity alone. Leveraging social media and PR platforms can push a viral marketing campaign across multiple user levels and keep it going for a long while. A single viral campaign can generate millions of impressions and continue garnering interest virtually forever.


By now, the online public are quite familiar with how viral campaigns work. Most of the larger brands have pushed contests or videos out for public scrutiny in the hopes of a viral response. Not every viral campaign is successful, however. A fresh and innovative idea is necessary to make consumers care enough to respond in a viral way. Your businesses also needs to be prepared for what happens when the campaign does begin to spiral out and expand.


Here are two examples of online campaigns that went viral, and a few good lessons learned along the way.


Be Bold To Fascinate
Burger King took viral marketing to a bold and fascinating level with its “Subservient Chicken” website. Site visitors can have chicken any way they want it via a man dressed in a sorry-looking chicken suit who obeys whatever commands users type in. The absurdly “fowl” campaign has been a viral sensation since 2001, earning many millions of hits and shares for the burger giant.


National Australia Bank Gets Viral Recognition
In a bid to humanise itself, National Australia Bank rewarded people for being honest and caused a viral sensation. Shoppers who returned a pair of misplaced sunglasses to a lost-and-found station were thrust into a video prank when the bank broadcast their names and faces throughout the mall for all to see. A video of the event produced a hailstorm of hits from Internet users who now have a new way of looking at National Australia Bank.


The Viral Effect In Motion
Once a campaign goes viral, it can be a lot to contain. There is so much at stake when hundreds and thousands of people are buzzing about your business. For the best results, hire a professional marketing consultant who can launch a viral Internet campaign and prepare your website for a greater destiny.


At Crunch Marketing, our experienced marketing specialists can help you sort through the possibilities and determine which techniques will create the most effective marketing strategy for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our services.